The software BOND is used to operate bond testers in a strict but widely configurable sequence
in order to gather, evaluate, control and present the data for Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Bonds are wires with a typical thickness in the range 10-500microns to connect semiconductor devices to circuit boards or lead frames. To check the reliability of these connections during mass production, it is necessary to perform destructive testing at a certain amount of devices. For production sites this results in huge amounts of data to be evaluated and presented to customers.
Dage is the worldwide leading manufacturer of
high reliability bond testing machines.
 This equipment has several test heads to pull fine wires with 0.1mN resolution as well as to shear chips with forces up to 1000N.

This is an example of a SPC chart which is created by the BOND software. The production lines are to be stopped if the mean value or the standard deviation exceeds the defined limits.


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